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Bathroom Styling - 12 months of home renovations

This year I am restyling your home, room by room so we can really get down to the nitty gritty and style your home to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

February is all about your bathroom – we’re going to make friends and family envious!

Often a forgotten space, bathrooms are one of the most visited rooms in the house – here’s how to make it stylish.


Group toothbrushes, hand soap and other daily essentials together and place them on a tray. Matching ceramic jars give the items a sense of belonging, freeing up the rest of the vanity, making it look larger and tidier.

Tip: Group items in odd numbers 3, 5 or 7. Odd-number arrangements create interest and are visually more appealing. Play with height and scales for a visually appealing display.


Use the walls

Condensation makes having art in your bathroom difficult. I recommend investing in new towels to add colour, texture and make your walls interesting.

Tip: Add a bathmat to your space. Colour coordinate with your towels to add softness between hard floors and walls.



Plants are a great way to add layers, texture and energy to your space. Not only

do they enhance positive energy and motivation, but they can also be easily incorporated. For larger bathrooms add a tall standing plant and for smaller spaces add a succulent to the vanity or hang from the ceiling to make use of your space.

Tip: I recommend hanging a green Ivy plant in the windowsill or over the shower. They grow perfectly in a constantly moist environment and the leaves have room to cascade as they grow.


Removing odours

With a few tricks, your bathroom can be the best smelling room of the house.

Keep a steady airflow by continuously keeping a window slightly open. The ventilation will help eliminate bacteria and moulds from growing and removing unwanted odours sooner.

Scented candles are the easiest way of creating a relaxing and pleasant aroma. The soy leaves an immediate scent while the smoke kills any bacteria and eliminates odour.

Tip: Add a few drops of essential oil into the middle of the cardboard toilet roll. Place it back on the rack and the fragrance lingers and leaves your bathroom smelling amazing!


Bath time

In need of some pampering? Add a tray to your bath for more surface area to house all those delicious-smelling bath products eg: soy candle, soaps, bath salts and brushes. There may even be room for a small plant and a book holder! A beautiful arrangement also motivates you to schedule in ‘me-time’ regularly. Besides, self-care is essential!

Tip: Adding natural elements such as pumice or coral adds that personal touch too.


Final touches

This is to see if anything looks out of place or needs to be added. Streamline your bathroom storage with neutral-coloured containers for your shampoo and conditioner.

Tip: Think about coordinating the storage with the new towels for continuity.


Floors and windows

Don’t let all your hard work be overshadowed by shabby flooring or window treatments. (ie: faded or chipped tiles, tired blinds etc).

Harrisons new Pergo Laminate flooring is 100% water-resistance, with AquaSafe technology making it ideal for bathrooms and other wet areas.

Shutters give bathroom windows style and sophistication. Check out Harrisons hard-wearing Artisan Waterproof range manufactured in a water-resistant composite, perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

Happy styling!